Babies are magic!

so tiny ... helpless ... delicate

... yet they possess the overwhelming power to teach us how to love

completely and unconditionally

At no other time in your child's life will physical changes occur so rapidly as in that memorable first year.  Your helpless tiny infant with chubby fingers and toes will grow into an active and inquisitive toddler in the blink of an eye. 

We've designed a SPECIAL BABY PROGRAM to help you record those special stages in your infant's life.  Call for details!  Now is the best time to be creative ... Babies are adorable doing just about anything! 


Keep the magic alive with

Elizabeth Telega Photography


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show the love you feel for your unborn baby

with our exquisite Prenatal Photography ...


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tiny toes and fingers ... soft skin ... delicate and petite

... so totally dependant on you ...

growing so much every day ...every week


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babies are so loveable at 6 months old! 

bubbly and responsive, they love attention and delight in an audience

... first tooth ... first bubble bath ... first word ... first grin ... first independant steps ... first hug ... a unique little person beginning to evolve




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This is the perfect time to capture in a portrait those chubby little arms and legs!




At one year ... your little one begins to develop facial features and family likeness

Now walking, your child can explore and discover all there is to see, feel, taste and touch



A professional portrait from Visual Affairs Photography will capture the unique essence and the emerging personality of your adorable child


 Call today for information on our SPECIAL BABY PROGRAM uniquely designed to capture each delightful stage in your baby's memorable first year

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