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Future Warriors.. The Gumuz tribe are a very shy but proud group of people.  Once a Nomadic tribe, today they reside near Debare Markos, north of the capital of Ethiopia.



Woman Carrying Child.. This woman is carrying her child in the traditional manner.  All over the countryside and in the cities you will see women carrying their bundles this way.



The Way of the Cross..This young holy man is garbed in bright coloured garments.  Weaved in the garments are threads of the gold.  This garment provides a unique contrast to the rock hewn church  where it is mandatory  to walk barefoot on the rough floors of the church.



Elder Priest... This priest is holding the customary silver Orthodox Cross of the Ethiopian Church.  He spends most of his time in this rock hewn church, praying, and performing mass.



The Faithful.. During the evening priests will drum and chant prayers.  These faithful followers will sleep here on the ground.  Waking they are covered in dew but feeling refreshed for their participation in the great event of Timkat.  They will gather around the holy water.  It will be blessed and then splashed on to the group, during which time religious vows are renewed.


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